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Homes with Hope’s Family Emergency Shelter

Awarded Grant from Near & Far Aid

Westport, CT - October 7, 2014  The Bacharach Community, Homes with Hope’s emergency shelter for homeless families headed by single women, has been awarded a $15,000 grant from Near & Far Aid.  The grant illustrates the two organization’s mutual efforts to improve the lives of those living in poverty.  The funding will be used to help support the professional, individualized support services provided to each family both during their stay in the shelter, and to help them maintain their housing once they’ve moved on.

The homeless mothers and their children who come to the Bacharach Community have struggled with a number of issues, which ultimately led to their becoming homeless.  They all face economic challenges and in addition many are dealing with mental illness, substance abuse, medical issues or domestic violence.  Through training and counseling the mothers develop the skills necessary to begin leading stable and productive lives.  With the assistance of Bacharach’s Program Director the families ultimately move onto a suitable housing situation.  In Connecticut, 73% of homeless families are headed by a female, single parent. 

Near & Far Aid is an all-volunteer fundraising and fund granting organization, dedicated to eliminating the causes and effects of poverty in Fairfield County.  They accomplish their mission by finding and funding programs that provide life’s most basic necessities, as well as those that seek to achieve lasting change.  Since the year 2000, Near & Far Aid has granted more than $13 million to the area’s best non-profit agencies and programs who further their mission.  To learn more about Near & Far visit their website at www.nearandfaraid.org.

Homes with Hope is a Westport-based grassroots response to the tragedy of homelessness.  With a caring, professional staff and the help of more than 400 volunteers, they assist people who have lost their ability to lead normal lives.  Each night, approximately 100 people find shelter or housing in one of Homes with Hope’s facilities.  To learn more about Homes with Hope’s programs and services for the homeless and those at-risk of homelessness visit their website at www.hwhct.org


Connecticut Health & Educational Facilities Authority

Supports Westport Nonprofits

Westport, CT – September 15, 2014– The Connecticut Health & Educational Facilities Authority, also known as CHEFA, has awarded $2,500,000 in grants to 56 Connecticut nonprofits including two Westport agencies, Homes with Hope, Inc. and Positive Directions that in combination received over $26,000.  These grants will be used for Homes with Hope’s emergency shelter for homeless mothers and their children, the Bacharach Community, Positive Direction’s will be used for behavioral health counseling to residents at Hales Court, a Westport Housing Authority neighborhood in cooperation with the Housing Authority, Homes with Hope and the Westport Department of Human Services. 

This year’s grants were awarded by Jeanette Weldon, Managing Director at CHEFA, at a gathering of the 15 recipients from Greater Fairfield County.  Also in attendance at the event held at the Fairfield County Community Foundation in Norwalk, were state legislators and local press.  The focus of this year’s grant program is the support of basic human needs programs in the areas of Food and Food Insecurity, Shelter Services and Homeless Prevention, and Health and Behavioral & Mental Health Programs.

Positive Directions counsels adolescents, parents, couples, and families experiencing anxiety, depression and stress-related ailments, as well as addictions and other destructive behaviors. For more information visit their website at www.positivedirections.org.

Homes with Hope is a grassroots response to the problems of homelessness and those at-risk of homelessness in the local community.  To learn more about Homes with Hope’s programs and services visit their website at www.hwhct.org.

CHEFA is a quasi-public agency created by the State Legislature to help Connecticut healthcare and educational institutions, and other not-for-profit entities obtain tax exempt financing.  CHEFA is self-sustaining and receives no taxpayer funds.  For more information about CHEFA, visit www.chefa.com.