Emergency Shelter Programs

Are you in need of emergency shelter or housing information?

In Connecticut, dialing 2-1-1 (Infoline – a free, confidential service) is the first step in getting support or go online to: 211ct.org. The goal of the system is for community resources to come together around the client. This single point of entry makes it easier for people facing a housing crisis to locate available community resources.

  • No more wrong numbers or wasted time trying to find the right resource
  • Your call is answered by a trained professional
  • It is always there for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Translation services available in many languages
  • TTY: 800-671-0737

Homes with Hope - Gillespie Center and Hoskins Place

Gillespie Center & Hoskins Place

Shelter for Single Men and Single Women

Gillespie Center is Homes with Hope's 15-bed emergency shelter for single men. Hoskins Place, located in the same building, is our 4-bed emergency shelter for single women.

Both the Gillespie Center and Hoskins Place typically operate at 100% capacity. In both of these 24-hours facilities, Homes with Hope provides Master Level Case Management Services.

Project Return

Serving Young Women in Crisis

Project Return, a fully integrated program of Homes with Hope, serves homeless young women, 18-24 years old, in a safe, nurturing, and structured environment where they are empowered to rebuild their lives one day at a time. By providing individualized case management as well as employment and educational resources, these young women learn the life skills necessary to secure sustainable housing and live independent lives.

Supportive Housing

Homes with Hope operates more than 40 units of Permanent Supportive Housing for individuals and families who are chronically homeless with a diagnosed mental illness. All of the tenants receive support from a professionally trained, Master Level Case Manager and all of the apartments are located in Westport and Norwalk.

Homes with Hope participates in the Norwalk Housing First Collaborative which coordinates all its intakes through the State's Coordinate Access Network (CAN). All applications for housing are routed through the 211 System.

Homes with Hope - Bacharach

The Bacharach Community

Shelter for Single Mothers and their Children

Bacharach Community is comprised of 4 single family homes that provide stable supportive housing for formerly homeless mothers with children.

Homes with Hope - Fair Street

Fair Street Apartments

Fair Street Apartments is a 57-unit affordable housing facility located in Norwalk where Homes with Hope operates 9 units of Permanent Supportive Housing for singles.

Homes with Hope - Hales Court

Hales Court

Hales Court is a 78-unit affordable housing complex owned and operated by the Westport Housing Authority. Homes with Hope began operation of 10 Permanent Supportive Housing apartments, 2 for families and 8 for individuals, within this complex in October 2011.

Homes with Hope - Sasco Creek Village

Hayes Avenue

Hayes Avenue is Homes with Hope's first acquisition in Norwalk, expanding its Permanent Supportive Housing program with 2 units, for 1 individual and 1 family.

Homes with Hope - Linxweiller House

Linxweiler House

Opened in December 2018, Linxweiler House serves one family in Westport.

Homes with Hope - Powell Place

Powell Place

Powell Place is Home with Hope's initial location providing Permanent Support Housing. We currently operate 9 units in our model program.

Homes with Hope - Sasco Creek Village

Sasco Creek Village

Sasco Creek Village opened in July 2015. This location in Westport has 6 units of Permanent Supportive Housing serving individuals and families.

Westport Rotary Centennial House

Westport Rotary Centennial House

Westport Rotary Centennial House has been in operation since 2009. This Permanent Supportive Housing facility provides 2 two-bedroom family units and 4 one-bedroom units for singles or couples.


Food insecurity is a major factor leading to homelessness, and Homes with Hope provides food services to our resident clients, those at risk of homelessness, and those in need in the community.

Our food programs are available to all in need.

Homes with Hope - Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen

Gillespie Center: 45 Jesup Road, Westport
Lunch Served Daily at 12pm, Dinner Served Daily at 5pm

The Community Kitchen has been operated by Homes with Hope since 1983. Serving 30,000 meals a year, it is located at the Gillespie Center and open to all who need a meal. A very generous and dedicated community of volunteers (organizations, clubs, businesses, families) take turns preparing lunches and dinners every day of the year.

Homes with Hope - Food Pantry

The Food Pantry

Gillespie Center: 45 Jesup Road, Westport
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1pm to 4pm

The Food Pantry is stocked with non-perishable groceries donated by our community. Non-perishable groceries are available to anyone who is in need of food and periodically a small selection of fresh food is also available. The Pantry will not be open on holidays. For further information, call [encode]203.226.1661[/encode].


Homes with Hope - Mentoring Initiative

Mentoring Initiative

The Mentoring Initiative is Homes with Hope's program designed to support individuals who are at risk or struggling to create stable and self-sufficient lives. Through weekly one-on-one meetings, trained volunteer mentors under staff supervision, offer compassion, guidance and friendship, fostering confidence and self-reliance.

Youth and Young Adults

34% of Homes with Hope residents we serve are from newborn to 24 years old. Our programs address the needs of these young people, and represent an area of increasing emphasis to the organization.

After School Academic Program (ASAP)

Homes with Hope's After School Academic Program is a site-based program for children and teens who live in our Permanent Supportive Housing program. The goal for the after school program is to provide a consistent structure, positive role models, academic support, and enrichment activities to help students develop the skills they need to be successful at school and in their personal lives. ASAP provides four weeks of summer activities as well.

Health, Empathy, Altruism, Love (HEAL)

A community service program for teenaged girls

Health, Empathy, Altruism, Love (HEAL) is a community service program that provides teenaged girls with a sense of belonging. Recognizing the transformative powers of giving and altruism, the HEAL program is committed to helping adolescent girls, living in our communities, by bringing them together as a group to participate in volunteer services to others. Giving to others inspires feelings of well-being, optimism, confidence, and success. In their service to others, the girls begin to grow through that power of helping and healing others, gaining resilience and improving their own self-esteem. Through the staff's own modeling of empathy, altruism, and love, the girls gain a healthier understanding of who they are and what they have to offer.