Community Kitchen (Westport)

The Community Kitchen has been operated by Homes with Hope since 1983. Serving 30,000 meals a year, it is operated at the Gillespie Center, 45 Jesup Road, and is open to all who need a meal. Volunteers from numerous organizations in our community take turns preparing lunches and dinners every day of the year. Lunch is served promptly at 12 noon and dinners are served each night at 5 pm. There is usually a hot pot of coffee available.

Food Pantry (Westport)

The Food Pantry is also located at the Gillespie Center and is supplied by a variety of food collection and donation drives in Westport and surrounding Fairfield County. One bag of groceries per week is available to anyone who requests it at the Gillespie Center, 45 Jesup Rd., Westport. Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 1 – 4 pm.